a diverse fine arts company since 2005


///ABOUT US///

Artists Heather Joy and Matthew Olds make up HOLDstudios partnering up on projects while also maintaining their own practices. We believe in the ability of art to change lives, provide greater understanding, wonder, and insights of the world around us. We believe in love and equality for all and work to instill that in the next generation of HOLDstudios. We believe in responsible capitalism that should work for everyone and try to reflect that in our pricing and sourcing of materials. Because of HOLDstudios, we have the very rare opportunity to be in and out of artist’s studios nearly everyday. That is a role we take with great responsibility, respect, and gratitude. Thank you to all of our customers, clients, friends and family. We couldn’t do it with out you.

To view Matthew’s personal work please visit OLDSart.com

Heather Joy’s website is currently under construction. Check back soon!