Stacks of HOLDpanels, photograph by Matthew Olds. HOLDstudios © 2015

a diverse fine arts company


HOLDstudios offers well-crafted, handmade artist products built locally in Tacoma Washington. We specialize in custom-built canvases, frames, panels and stretchers, plus we offer standard sizes, all delivered to your door. (If you live outside the greater Seattle area we can deliver or ship for a fee.) We have worked with individuals to corporate clients to provide tailored products. We also are willing to work one-on-one for special projects including crate and pedestal building, art fabrication and more. Learn more by visiting the appropriate pages below or contact Heather or Matthew for more information.

We strive to use locally sourced and earth friendly materials, buying our lumber from companies subscribing to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative whenever possible. We stand by and are proud of our products and practices. We look forward to working with you.

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